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  • 28% Drama
  • 14% Science-Fiction
  • 10% Action
  • 9% Thriller
  • 8% Mystery
  • 5% Fantasy
  • 26% Others
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Favorite Series

Valley of the Boom
get that money
Deadly Class
ouch. damn. ouch.
watch it here: www2.fmovies.taxi bookmark it here SPAM :O
The Passage
Trained by Mr John Wick's trainer.
Titans (2018)
It gets better by each show, and better than many comic series.
13 Reasons Why
Lost in Space (2018)
they like the plot or trailer.
Well 1st episodes always funny. It died out on me, but if you like Wayans Brothers type comedy or mockery, this might be it.
LOL LOL it's killer watch it.
The OA
Season 2 is in the making. This should be hot!
Black Lightning
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
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Altered Carbon
Obviously he can't post right, but it doesn't make me an attention whore if you look around. However this is not a chatting forum, it's meant for reviews only. Ignore the ignoramuses guys. Done.
Altered Carbon
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Altered Carbon
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Altered Carbon
❤ scifi ~ it's hot!
Falling Water
Awesome sci fi thriller reminds me of Inception. So hot.
Falling Water
Awesome sci fi thriller reminds me of Inception. So hot.
Mary Kills People
Bracelet so bright you see it through a blindfold Wrist got so many cuts you'd think I'm suicidal Whip and coming out the next shit I had to get it ordered My cop be talking back to me like my little daughter Hope you understand you paying for it at a set price Life is more vindictive than a better ex wife's It's more deadly than a tail on a scorpion I'm going in for the kill Dr. Kevorkian xD